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The A-Day is an emergency food ration supplement

The A-Day was initially developed as a response to limited nutrition in food rations in refugee food rations. It emerged from first-hand observations of unnecessary suffering caused by issues that are, in theory, preventable.

When founding The A-Day, we wanted to bring a tool that could bring nutrition and help support normal oral health in a way that  is accessible, cheap and effective. But it didn’t exist - so we made it. 

We didn’t know that by helping refugees, we’d create something that could help everyone interested in supplements.
By making this revolutionary gum available commercially, we're able to donate and subsidise distributions to refugees and other groups that face similar challenge areas. Social impact is  a core part of our mission and business model.

We make an impact: 
  • Through every packet of A-Day consumed by our customers 
  •  Through our 10% donation scheme to subsidise provisions to at-risk groups 
  •  By providing A-Day at low-cost directly to NGOs and institutions working with at point-risk groups



Health complications caused by the limited nutritional profile in food rations is a  preventable problem, yet remain a global issue and a focus in the UN targets for sustainable development. Displaced groups are at especially high risk due to unstable access to infrastructure and dependency on food rations. 

Some of the most common health complications NGOs encounter at the camps can be directly tied to vitamin deficiencies: scurvy, pallagra, and beriberi. This can lead to acute conditions and even death, but can also lead to long-term health complications that will follow these people for a lifetime. 
are anemic
have a Vitamin D deficiency
Have a Vitamin A deficiency
Have 3 or more cavities
Have 2 cavities
Have 1 cavity
Have lost 3 or more teeth
Have lost 2 teeth
Have lost 1 tooth
Malnutrition and oral health challenges are widespread challenges among people with substance addictions. These challenges are reflected in the statistics shown from Oslo, Norway. Despite being widely considered as a role-model for national welfare, nutrition and oral health remains a challenge among people with substance addiction.
Drug abuse is highly correlated to teeth and gum diseases. People with substance addictions often struggle to maintain dental health due to an unstable life situation and low motivation. Many substances also cause dry mouth and teeth grinding. Generally, there is a high prevalence of dental issues, with high degrees of caries, periodontal diseases, and tooth loss.

Vitamin deficiencies weakens the immunity system, which is critical because these groups are already at high risk of viral infections and other diseases. Abcess infections are commonplace, closely linked to vitamin D deficiency. Infections also further reduce the ability of the body to absorb nutrients.
Say that dental issues have a severe influence on their self-perception and confidence.
Have dental problems to the point where they struggle to eat normally
Have severe vitamin deficiencies
Regularly goes several days without eating

Why is there a need for more solutions?


Varied Diet

  • Costly to provide
  • Difficult to source in many contexts
  • Spoils quickly without proper storage

Food rations

  • Limited nutritional profile because rations must be non-perishable and affordable

Vitamin Tablets

  • Not used habitually in practise by target groups

A-Day provides institutions and NGOs with a new tool

Provides 9 Vitamins and Minerals 

repThe formula contains vitamins/minerals that standardised rations lack, on average. They are intended to compliment food rations for a more complete nutritional profile during  

Embraced by Target Population

We asked 200 refugees if they would prefer a sweet or a gum, and every single one wanted the gum. A-Day has been well received, and makes it easy to form a habit – a treat, not another task to do.

Supports normal healthy teeth and gums

The gum contains Xylitol which helps support normal teeth and gums.

Chew gum, change lives

For every 10 packs sold, we donate 1 to at-risk populations through our impact charity partners. 

Discount purchase

We offer the A-Day at low-cost for NGOs distributing to at-risk populations. Reach us at to get a quote. 

Become a partner

We partner with NGOs, thought leaders, and influencers to maximise our impact. Reach us at to talk further.

Over 6 NGO pilot distributions in 6 different contexts

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