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We are changing our name to The A-Day!

We are changing our name to The A-Day!

Introducing Our New Identity: The A-Day!

Our startup has taken on many names since the idea was first conceived. Initially, we named it Vitagum because, well, it's gum infused with vitamins. Unfortunately, we couldn't trademark it, prompting a shift to Vitaegum. However, this proved challenging to pronounce, and we sought a less descriptive name. Our product offers benefits far beyond vitamins, and we have ambitions to explore other formats than gum to deliver bioavailable nutrition. For a period, we adopted the name Neomino, however people would rarely remember if we were called 'Nemonio' or 'Neoneo' or 'Nemoneo'.

However, last autumn, our new Chief Creative Officer Emily Sharp pitched new name: The A-Day. The entire team immediately recognised its potential. At its core, it symbolises something you have each day – two a day. Additionally, 'A' is a fabulous letter, being the first in the alphabet, representing the highest grade, and associated with fantastic things. Importantly, it's easily remembered, simple to spell, and lends itself incredibly well to wordplay.

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