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Vitaegum Awarded Best Graduate Project at Oxford All Innovate

Vitaegum Awarded Best Graduate Project at Oxford All Innovate


"The All-Innovative competition provided many opportunities for us to grow as a startup. The 1-on-1 mentoring program helped us with our pitch and communication skills. We are so thrilled to have won funding for VitaeGum and we are now in a very strong position to move forward with our proof of concept. Meeting the other entrepreneurs enabled us to learn from one another and form important networks with other blossoming startups.” 

VitaeGum is a multivitamin-infused chewing gum that combats malnutrition and poor oral healthcare in refugee populations. Refugees mainly live off calorie-rich food packs that aim to reduce hunger but are severely lacking in essential vitamins such as vitamin C and iron. This leads to a high percentage of vitamin deficiencies and diseases, including anaemia, and is exacerbated by poor oral health which makes eating painful. VitaGUM is an innovative solution which delivers both nutrition and oral healthcare to refugees, with its vitamin formula tailored specifically to the diet of refugees and antimicrobial properties for cleaning teeth.”


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