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VitaeGum wins the Hauge Business Network pitching competition

VitaeGum wins the Hauge Business Network pitching competition

This September, VitaeGum achieved a significant milestone by winning 25,000 NOK at the Hauge Business Network Pitching Competition. This achievement brings us one step closer to realizing our planned pilot and further validates the effectiveness of our gum as a vehicle for delivering nutrition and dental health protection.

The prize allows us to commence on user feedback generation from people with substance addiction. We have partnered with Evangeliesenteret, an established NGO in the Norwegian third sector, where we will distribute chewing gum through their contact centres and existing food distribution programmes. 

Evangeliesenteret operates 13 contact centers across Norway, delivering over 600 tons of food annually. We believe that partnering with them for a pilot test will provide us with the necessary platform to assess the long-term adoption of VitaeGum.

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